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Recent Testimonials

Upon arrival to a new community, a top priority was to locate a licensed therapist. In my quest, I had the good fortune to visit Michele at Balance Mind & Body. In addition to the necessary skill, knowledge and ability, Michele quickly demonstrated the "hands-on" experience that only time can produce. In addition, the therapy takes place within a calm, soothing, and secure environment. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

- Ricardo (Google review)

June, 2023

Deep tissue massage that had me feeling like a new person. I highly recommend this, especially for anyone under a lot of stress. The setting was very professional, relaxing, and clean. Michele kindly walked me through her steps and regularly made sure I was comfortable. She is clearly an expert in her field and is generally very pleasant to be around. She fosters a great environment, has some serious skills, and charges a truly reasonable price. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking a massage.

- Kayla (Google review)

July, 2023

I was searching for a therapeutic masseuse and was googling and reading reviews and came upon Balance Mind & Body Massage and am so very happy I did! Michele immediately made me feel comfortable and "at home" and most importantly, relaxed. Her studio space is calming and the massage was excellent (and her prices are affordable). My goal was to find someone I could see long-term and I did!

- Marlene (Google review)

August, 2023

I had been looking for a licensed massage therapist in the area for a while and was so glad I found Michelle.  She makes you feel comfortable immediately and the environment is very relaxing.  She addresses any of your specific needs and I always feel wonderful post-massage. I always look forward to my appointments.

- Lisa (Google review)

October, 2022

Michele got me in quickly and from the moment I met her, I loved her energy and openness. She is easy to build a rapport with and makes you feel calm. Michele worked magic on my aches and pains and I left feeling restored and pain free. She is absolutely amazing!

- Jennifer (Google review)

June, 2022

I have gone to Michelle more than once and was more than satisfied both times! She is the best I've had and would seriously recommend her for any type of massage you need. She's very professional and welcoming. She is a must if you are in need of a REAL masseuse!!

- Brian (Google review)

November, 2022

I was overwhelmed by how beautiful this place is. You are feeling relaxed from the moment you walk in that front door. I got the most relaxing massage ever and I’ve gotten many. Michele was so intuitive as to my needs. My left shoulder blade and mid back. I will not go anywhere again for a massage. Unless on vacation, lol. Thank you again, you’re the best. 

- Jen

July, 2020

Michele is a very caring and professional massage therapist! She works in a very clean, tranquil, beautiful space which has an amazing healing energy. It was easy to make an appointment with her, she is friendly and accommodating. I felt very relaxed and stress free after her massage! 

- Holly

August, 2020

As a longtime cyclist I can appreciate a good massage therapist. Michele is excellent! Able to get in deep and get me ready to ride again! I highly recommend her!

- Mike

September, 2020

Working with Michelle, in conjunction with physical therapy was great! Michelle was able to reduce the constant contraction of my right leg thereby allowing me to progress with physical therapy. I would refer anyone who asked about massage therapy to see Michelle because, for me, she was just that wonderful!!!

- Nancy

January, 2020

I have been to a few massage places and I must say, just walking in there gave me a sense of relief. The Feng Shui relaxes you right from the start. Then, I highly recommend Michele Lent, she is the best of the best for massages. Especially for sciatica pain and motorcycle injuries. I had tremendous sciatica pain after my motorcycle accident and after seeing her just once, I haven’t had that pain since, and that was in December 2018. She also gave me more mobility in my leg that was crushed and completely disabled after the accident. You literally walk out of there feeling like a new person. 

- Wendy

February, 2020

I’ve lived with chronic back pain most of my life and every once in a while I would get a massage for pain management.
Since I began working with Michelle, my chronic pain has decreased dramatically. Michelle knows her stuff and is a talented healer. She immediately identified and got to work on my the “trouble” spots. I now get regular massages from Michelle with great results for chronic pain and my overall health.

- Frank

June, 2020

In the midst of trying to overcome horrendous situations that transpired over last year, I called Michele for needed support immediately.


She accepted my phone call right away and instinctively knew how desperately I needed an "overhaul " of positive healing. Although I had a session the following day, her accurate perception of my state propelled her to offer her energy, time and soul immediately, something I will never forget, for that selfless deed is an exemplary depiction of Michele's character.


Michele is s a trustworthy, real, down to earth, non-judgmental, kind, caring soul. She infiltrated my body during my massage session with all the light, love & healing she had to give. 

– Aria

December, 2020

I have been a fan of Michele, the owner of Balance Mind & Body Massage, since she was studying to become a massage therapist.


She is a kind, warm and caring person and she is attentive to your needs. I have had multiple massages with Michele and always leave calm & relaxed. Michele has an exceptional bedside manner, if you will, and has the knowledge and ability to relieve the built up physical stress in your body.


The atmosphere upon entering her establishment is soothing and immediately puts you at ease. I highly recommend her services. Your next massage should be with Balance Mind & Body!


You will not be disappointed!

– Lisa

January, 2021

Michele was awesome, I’ve been having problems with my back and shoulder for the longest time.


I’ve been to doctors and chiropractors with no relief. She convinced me to come see her, and I did !


I feel fantastic for the first time in months. Best sleep I have had in a long time. I’m sorry I didn’t go sooner.


Michele is a wonderful, talented therapist with reasonable rates. I highly recommend her.


January, 2021

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